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  Laurie Eisenhardt


In 1982, with a BFA in painting, I left the safe haven of art school to face a real world challenge: making a living as an artist! I found myself at a local community college and, almost immediately, fell in love with the magical transformation of clay.  Every time the kiln was unloaded and new work emerged, it felt like Christmas morning. I found that every firing offered a surprising discovery.  The discipline of painting naturally merged into my work and the clay became more like a canvas. I began to create a visual vocabulary that evolved into work that told stories.  People were drawn to it and started to buy and collect this work.

Thematically, my work is about people and nature – the everyday things that exists around me.  Most often, my creative vision is expressed through tile, platters, wall pockets, sculptures and mosaics. More than 24 years later, working in a vine covered studio, I continue to develop and pursue my craft, exhibiting widely at art fairs, presenting studio shows, and collaborating on public and private commissions.

 I still feel the excited, Christmas-like anticipation every time I unload a kiln­­…  And I feel lucky to say, I love what I do for a living.


Professional Recognition

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Tile Heritage E-News, March & April 2009
Tile Heritage E-News, November & December 2006
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